Business Development

Consilient Health is a rapidly growing, privately owned pharmaceutical company focused on the sales and marketing of generic and branded prescription medicines.

Our aim is to be a partner of choice for pharmaceutical and biotech companies who can benefit from our established sales and marketing infrastructure and market expertise in the primary and secondary care sectors. For further information please see our Management Team.

Consilient's development, licensing and acquisitions activities form the cornerstone of our strategy for growth.

Currently Consilient is working in partnership with a number of major international pharmaceutical companies who have recognised our unique business strengths and what we can offer.

Our approach is synonymous with speed, flexibility and resourcefulness.

We are focussed on developing,  in-licensing and acquisition in the following areas:

Women's Health

Consilient are committed to providing products which enhance women's lives and provide good value for the NHS .

We are the first UK company to launch a large range of alternative branded oral contraceptives (in mid 2010), and we are building a pipeline of new products to complement our existing portfolio. We aim to be a leading player in Women's Health, offering affordable value added brands in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

Consilient aspires to become the preferred partner in Europe with reputable manufacturers within Women's Health. We can offer full regulatory support; development of marketing plans; and promotion through our established Sales and Marketing infrastructure. We also have extensive contacts throughout the women's health and sexual health networks.

Consilient is interested in exploring licensing opportunities and potential product acquisitions / divestments covering all therapeutic categories within women’s health such as contraceptives, IUD's, hormone therapy treatment, fertility and endometriosis.

Specialty Products

Launching products which provide added value for patients and clinicians through improved formulations and presentations are a strategic focus for the company. Within the management team there is a significant depth of experience which allows evaluation of the opportunity for these products and the development of effective launch and marketing strategies. Consilient is actively seeking partners with suitable products within this area.

Primary Care and Secondary Care Generics & Niche Generics

We continue to focus on delivering savings for the NHS and developing our customer relationships with an increasingly wide range of generics. In addition Consilient is focussing on developing niche small volume generic products which are service lines for patients and the NHS.

Acquisition of Established Brands

The management team have experience of acquiring and managing established brands covering all therapeutic categories. Consilient is constantly searching for further suitable opportunities in the area. Consilient have the resources to invest in these products and is able to provide a rapid evaluation and decision on any opportunities.

Once a deal is concluded Consilient will maintain supply and quality of manufacture and the standards associated with the original brand through its extensive network of manufacturers.

Co-development Projects

Consilient have a proven track record in co-development projects with partner companies resulting in a Consilient launch in the UK and out-licencing activities within other European countries. We have the knowledge and skills required to ensure that projects are brought to a successful conclusion in a timely manner.

If you would like to learn more about partnering with Consilient Health, please contact our business development team or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





CH-CORP-007-09/2015   Date of preparation September 2015

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