Generic Products

What are Generics?

Branded pharmaceutical companies invest significant amounts of money in researching and developing new drugs. These new drugs enjoy patent protection for up to 20 years, which gives the manufacturer the exclusive right to market and sell their drug, and to receive a return on their original R&D investment. Once the patents on these new drugs expire, other drug companies (such as Consilient) can apply to manufacture a generic / bioequivalent product. As more companies manufacture the drug, increased competition drives down the price to customers and in turn, the cost to the NHS.

Generic medicines provide the same quality, safety and efficacy as the original brand name products and undergo strict audits before being licensed and given market approval by EU or national medicines authorities.

Our Products

Consilient Health works with a range of specialist pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to develop and licence generic medicines for its UK markets.

Consilient have been first to market with a wide range of products, over the last 5 years. This has resulted in savings for the NHS and increased margins for our wholesale and pharmacy customers.

You can view our complete range of Generics on the product list page »

Continuity of Supply

Within the UK pharmaceuticals market continuity of supply is an issue for both patients and our pharmacy customers. Consilient Health prides itself on the strength and integrity of its supply chain. We work closely with our carefully chosen manufacturers here in Europe and other parts of the world. Our ability to maintain supplies is derived from the flexibility and capabilities of our partners who are predominantly located in Europe.

Why Partner with Consilient

In a dynamic generic's market place, we at Consilient consider ourselves to be commercially highly competitive. Our large portfolio of products and a strong pipeline of new medicines, which are all backed by reliable supply, offer our wholesale, hospital and retail pharmacy customers the assurance that dealing with Consilient is a mutually beneficial experience.





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