Women's Health Products

Women’s Health is a strategic area of medicine for Consilient Health, as we believe we can bring value and innovation to both Healthcare Professionals and Patients. Where there is an opportunity for delivering value and innovation we will develop medicines for conditions that are synonymous with Women’s health.

To find out more about contraception please visit www.knowyourcontraceptives.co.uk

Womens health products






CH-CORP-005-09/2015d   Date of preparation September 2015

Corporate Headquarters

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Clonskeagh, Dublin14

T. +353 (0)1 2057760
E. info@consilienthealth.com

UK Office

No1 Church Road
Richmond Upon Thames

T. +44 (0)20 3751 1888
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E. info@consilienthealth.com

For Pharmacovigilance or Medical enquiries please email drugsafety@consilienthealth.com or ring 0203 751 1888.